Produce at the Amish Auction


My mom and stepdad took me and the kiddo out to St. Charles, Minnesota to see the Amish produce auction. My stepdad was out there to make a purchase for the country club he works at in Stewartville. After checking out the goods, he settled on some flying saucer squash (AKA pattypan squash).


He got all that squash for $24!

The only deal with the auction that I found problematic for the average person would be the quantity in which the items are sold. I don’t quite have a need for 21 quarts of pickling cucumbers, for instance. Or seven pints of raspberries. Let’s not discuss the pounds of onions!

The produce is gorgeous. So maybe if I lived here, I’d figure out what to do with the mass quantities.





Miraculous Dead Danger

I feel strange doing artistic shots. I’m used to taking a picture of something and saying, “That’s a well-lit caterpillar in my garden. It’s eating dill. It was a sunny day. Here’s a Zinnia!”  I was inspired by a photographer who had an exhibit at an airport. It was either Atlanta or Chicago-Midway. I can’t remember.

Many times I remember things I see but without total recall. I’m no Arnold Schwarzenegger. I recall the photographer did black and whites of taxidermy animals at museums and was a professor of art/photography (female name).

The images were icky creepy in that way I love.

Here’s my take on what that artist was doing. Whoever she is, I am grateful for the inspiration.

They're gaining!
Death comes/Happy day in the Savannah
I feel safe.
Calm Fear
Scratch one more time.
Scratch one more time.
It's all gone.
It’s all gone.
Strange bedfellows. Run.
Strange Bedfellows