Today in my yard. (spider web, baby grape clusters, pretty weeds and such!)

While working on my grape vines, I decided it would be a good time to practice my flower pictures. Also, I want to document the growth of my grape vines this year. My big project today was to tear out half the weed-choked eyesore that was the strip of grass between the sidewalk and my street. Dianthus and a yellow rose were planted after dead grass removal was completed. I need to get Mexican feather grass tomorrow, then I’ll mulch the completed section.

I suppose I should tackle the other half, but it won’t be tomorrow. Why is stuff so expensive?

Lens flare+spider web+creepy spider. Love it! This is my agarita. I dug about ten up (at someone's request), but only this one survived. They don't take well to transplanting from the ground.
Another view of the spider web.
Baby pad on a bald prickly pear. Looks intimidating, but it's gentle. This is one of my favorite plants.
An army of prickly pears attacked me!
Another weed I thought was pretty.
I just like the leaves in this picture.
I don't normally notice the power lines in back of my house...until I take a picture under them. Power lines: ruining shots for over a century.
My black spanish grape vines. Lots of grape clusters this year. Let's see if I don't have fruit drop or angry birds ruining my crop.