Socorro Cemetery: Sculpture

Oh, just give me credit if you re-post. I don’t do photography for profit but for statement and art. Just give me the credit or re-blog me if your retouch and take out the chain link fence. I’m not trying to be famous, but I want the families to know who to come back to to complain or praise. Digital code is like forever. I’m the one to blame for stopping and contemplating the beauty of the rememberance.

But, you left a perfectly pawnable recliner?

Hope the link works. I’m just a girl, and I’ve had it up to here. Plus, I’m relatively sure I can take most of my enemigos in throw down. I fight wicked dirty.

I turn 36 next month. And i have been stopping at every dangerous town and locale you can imagine for tourism, curiosity, and photos since I was 11. I rarely am bothered by criminals. I’ve been doing a lot of modeling lately, and I am shocked at how deranged I look in pics where I’m just trying to play around with knives. Maybe i’ve always looked deranged. Hmm.

Wait.I was going to talk about this awesome recliner I should have stolen and pawned in Socorro.

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