Other graves at Socorro Cemetery

This is why the graves need maintenance. Whose child lies here?
So many infants in the graveyard. Infant mortality rates in this country have always been bad. We are anti-abortion, but don't give a shit once the baby is born.And we treat women who suffer miscarriage as thought it's no big deal. Instead of giving your money to anti-abortion causes, consider the March of Dimes. The fact that someone decorated the girl's grave so many years later should tell us to save as many babies as we can. And the ones we can save are the wanted. Most are!
I wish I knew this guy. His epitaph sounds like he was one cool dude.

Children’s graves are always sad, but this one…

The first thing that caught my eye was the mass of artificial flowers on the grave. Then I saw a little plastic toy imbedded in the dirt above the modest grave marker. The toy was what my three year old son would refer to as a ‘guy.’ He’ll name cars and stuffed animals, but plastic men are ‘guys.’

Marcos Ruben Silva (b. 4/8/1993 d. 7/6/1996)

I leaned in closer and saw two more toys, an orange fishy and a car.

I read the marker, and the boy in the grave was but three years old. I almost vomited and definitely burst into tears. The family placed his little favorite toys on his grave so he could always have them.

I had to walk away from that little boy’s resting place. That poor child, his poor family. My oh my, the three fates are nothing if not cruel.