More Moss!

Here’s some more pretty winter moss in Austin, Texas. I took these at the Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve. 16 years in this city, and I never heard of the place until I was researching places to find fossils. My son has a science fair project, so….

I’d feel bad not knowing about the preserver but my husband is from Austin and never heard of it. I think we may need to get out more.

I “underexposed” (AKA exposed for the sun on the moss) these for a dramatic feel.
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Small moments after the flood. (Slaughter Creek)

These were taken 2 days after the Halloween flood of 2013. Slaughter Creek runs behind my house. Due to the drought, the creek has been dry with patches of stagnant water since I have lived here. The sheer amount of rain and flow in the creek was unexpected, to say the least.

Silt deposit.
Silt deposit.

Since the creek runs along the perimeter of a city park, people occasionally bring their dogs (and even fishing poles!) down to the dammed area.

Pensive man with his dogs.
Pensive man with his dogs.
Miniature "side creek" draining water into Slaughter Creek.
Miniature “side creek” draining water into Slaughter Creek.
Clam shell.
Some kind of bivalve.