Cosmos in Bloom

A few years back, I tossed some orange cosmos seeds in a bed out front. I’ve been collecting the seeds and spreading them ever since. I’ve now got a few yellow cosmos–mutants!


I got a cool background in the next one by holding the flower still while the wind blew the other plants around.



These are pictures I took while experimenting with creating dark backgrounds. I mean, sure. Unless there are enough stops between the foreground and the background, you can’t really get a super dark background. But, I wanted to see what the results would be like under different lighting situations than I had in my shade garden.

Continuation of yesterday’s lighting technique

Inland sea oats
Inland sea oats

I followed the same technique as yesterday’s Bloody Mary pictures to take some shots of plants in my front yard. It was a little more difficult to perform this operation in just sunlight as opposed to using an artificial light source in that I can’t control the sun.

I had to make sure there was lot of light on the item I wanted in focus and substantially less light on the background. And then I used a very fast shutter to make sure only the brightest objects were recorded clearly.

Pink Turk's Cap
Pink Turk’s Cap
Red Turk's Cap
Red Turk’s Cap

These native plants grow in the xeric shade garden on the east side of my house.