Juarez, Mexico

The first picture is of the iconic “La Biblia es la verdad LEELA” painted on the side of a mountain in Juarez. I started snapping more pictures when I suddenly noticed a great big X across the border. I did a little searching online to see what the sculpture is called.

It’s called La X.  The piece is not quite finished. It seems that there have been delays in construction due to lack of interest in the project by local leaders. It looks like they are working on it now, though.







The mysterious black smoke of Ciudad Juarez.

Years ago, this was not the scene across the border. Then again, there wasn’t a war going on between two drug cartels and the Mexican federal government either.

I asked an El Paso local about the smoke so frequently observed on the other side. All he could say was, “We’re not sure, but the smoke is always black in Mexico.”

Is it tires? I mean, I’m a little fire bug. You can’t get this level of pure black using wood. It’s unnatural. There are no white plumes or grey shading or even red flames. Just black smoke. Yikes.