Hidden Mother: Family Style

It's small. Length is 1.75 inch. Width is 1.4 inch or so.
It’s small. Length is 1.75 inch. Width is 1.4 inch or so.

A number of years ago, I got interested in researching my ancestry online. It was slow going, but ultimately I located a posting on a genealogy site which was seeking relatives of the Jensen family of Green Bay, Wisconsin. They listed enough names that I realized it was my family, so I contacted the poster. We exchanged some cagey emails, which convinced me that the poster was a lawyer. That intrigued me even more!

It turns out that one of my distant relations had passed away and left no heirs. He willed his estate to charity (yay!). But, he had a banker box of family photos and no one to give them to. I think the probate lawyer had been hanging on to them in his office a good five years before I contacted him. He had researched all kinds of death records and newspapers but was unable to locate any living relations.

Tonight I dug through the photos seeking duplicates to send to my cousin in Milwaukee. I feel like I am missing some pictures, as I recall there were more duplicates than I found. I know for a fact I am missing a 1950s portrait of my mom and her family. Grr. I will have to dig some more.

ANYHOW! Back to this picture. As I was sorting the photos, I found some tiny outtakes with a hidden mother. Usually those pictures float around sans a background story. I was delighted to find one in my family. Most of the photos I have, even those dating back to the 1800s, are high-quality studio prints, postcards from WWI, and candid photos from the early 1900s-1960s.

Close up.
Close up.

I need to get a scanner for my iMac so I don’t have to rely on the photo booth for things like this.

For more description: The first photo in the series shows the mom and baby blurred, as babies are terrible monsters! The second photo shows the mother’s nose and giant Edwardian era hat. The baby is also somewhat blurry. The flaw in the third? Mom’s nose is still there. I can tell that other photos were in this series, as the back of the photo has handwritten notes which are clipped off. All I can read are partial letters and the year 1905.

I’ve given up researching what kind of photo it is. It’s on paper from 1905. I trust the date on the back of the picture because nothing says Edwardian era like, “Is my giant hat big enough?”