Lunch at the new federal courthouse.



Don’t know why I’m just now getting around to taking a snapshot of the federal courthouse in Austin. I work right across the street, so I don’t really have distance or lack of parking to blame. Oh, I suppose when you walk past something every day, it just becomes part of the background.

Part of my art is to seek out those things that tend to disappear as background noise. Ya know…aiming to really see the world around me.

Davidson County Courthouse (Nashville, TN)

Loved it. Absolutely loved it. Sadly, I went on a Sunday and couldn’t visit the inside of the courthouse. Nevertheless, this has to be one of the best exteriors I have come across. With a mixture of period carving up to modern infinity reflecting pools, this courthouse is an active piece of art. Enjoy!

I didn't like this shot, but my husband thought it looked like the biker was riding on water.
Lady Justice looks awfully 'stabby' today. I've had those days in court, too. Although, I usually don't beckon a victim with my sinister hand.
Says Lady Loyalty to Mr. Courage, "I saw you lookin' at my boobs, so I stole a star to shine in your face. Be more respectful in the future."
Why are serpents evil in some stories and not in others? Hmm. Sometimes, people get bit by snakies. Baad snakies. Other times, snakies eat rodents feasting on our crops and yield. Good snakies.
Bubo has found a home in Nashville.

Presidio County Courthouse (12/2010)

This one reminds me of a lighthouse. On top, there is a gorgeous viewing area. I’m looking at it from my hotel room right this minute. They keep the top lighted at night, which gives it an eery look. I keep waiting for a ghost to appear, like a woman from the late 1800s staring out into the night searching for her lover. [He rode to El Paso three weeks before, but he was to return in a fortnight. If she peers into the horizon, perhaps she can see him coming.]

I checked again. Still no ghost.

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I like how these pics turned out, but props have to go out to the designers and builders. It really does seem that they were inspired by the structure and function of a lighthouse. Maybe the inspiration for the courthouse design was the idea of bringing the light of justice to Texas.

And, just as an update: No ghost. [sigh]

11:47 pm: Still nothing. She must be hiding. Or, maybe she gave up and found a new guy. [Hey, he said two weeks, not two years!]

Hoot! Who’s runnin’ around the courthouse?

Originally, this was just a picture of me posing at the top of the stairs. Or, so should I say ‘not so originally’ because it wasn’t a unique idea/perspective. In the end, the lighting didn’t quite work out for a good self-portrait. But then I saw how my shoes turned out. I love that reflection!

And: I love shoes! This pic makes me want to do a whole series of shoe-shots. I have all kinds I can’t wear to work because they would hobble me. This way, I could use them for some purpose other than admiring them. [must stop buying impractical shoess…must stop buying impractical shoes…must stop….]

Limestone County Courthouse

oooh. It’s one of those old-timey courthouses of yesteryear.  *cute* There’s a balcony in the courtroom, intricate plaster moulding, real live law books in glass cases, and  A GENERAL SENSE OF DECORUM. Many times I go to court, and it’s a damn circus. Oh yeah, I’m talking to you, Travis County. I wish that I could say the surroundings alone make a courtroom more stately. While I’m sure there’s something to the environment, there’s more to do with the people. The folks in this courthouse know how to run a joint with the respect it deserves.

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