Belle Meade Plantation (Nashville, TN)

Slave quarters.
The main house.
The back entrance.
The smokehouse.
The family members in the mausoleum before the property was sold off.
Inside the mausoleum.
Bench outside mausoleum.
Inside the greenhouse.

After reading “Mighty Rough Times, Tell You” I am just at a loss at what to say.


I’ve never been a big fan of the “Old South” bullshit. The visit to Belle Meade only solidified my views. This is not the only plantation I have ever visited. So, I can tell you with some authority that they are shoddy shows meant to cover up the poor foundation and materials used in construction. I’ve been to Ecuador and seen abandoned villages from the days of the Incas that just needed thatch to cover the roofs.

Plantation ‘mansions’ are all pomp and no substance. Just some fancy ostrich feathers to cover up a bald spot. And talk about the 1%! In any event, I would have rather slept in the stables. The ground is brick, the ceilings high, and the building easier to clean.

I still do not understand how slavery was an economically viable method to run a business. Let alone the *ethics* of the whole situation. It was a stupid idea. Putting yokes on people to till fields? Were the plantation owners morons? There are these animals, I think they are called oxen. They’re supposedly good at that plowing stuff. Or, you could get off your own dead ass and work the fields, too. But, between sipping mint juleps and beating the ‘servants,’ I suppose little time was left for real work.

And get that damned Confederate flag down. Let alone the association with slavery, it is unpatriotic. Most irritating is how patriotic those who fly that flag claim to be! If you are loyal to the union, you don’t fly that flag. Sure, you are free to do so as a matter of free speech. But don’t claim to be an uber-patriot. Own your succesionism.