Cheap Costume for Kids


She’s a mouse! Or some kind of kitten. Perhaps a puppy.

My husband had to correct me, though, when I declared this costume to be the cheapest EVER. “You spent at least a fraction of a cent on that eyeliner. Remember when we forgot about Halloween the year Vlad went as Safari Kid?” ooo. yeah. That was the year Curious George and a safari-themed shirt from the closet became a costume.

BEHOLD: Mouse-Child


Context is important. Is she a kitten eating a mouse, or a Mommy Mouse about to be eaten by a giant cat?


End of Innocence (Beaver in His Last Repose?)

Last sighting
Last sighting

My son has finally seen a beaver in real life. The end of his childhood nears, which saddens and delights me at the same time. Will he ever find joy and creative influence in something as much as he did with his Beaver? I can only hope.


I fear this is Beaver’s last trek. Maybe there is one last trip, and I mourn the childhood too soon. In either event, Beaver had a fitting end. He saw his own kind.

Minecraft: Steve Has an Existential Crisis

My husband noticed this little scene developing on the table. He felt that Steve may have been suffering from an existential crisis.

Steve despairs!
Steve despairs!

I asked my kiddo what Steve was doing, “He’s mining iron ore at night and no one does that because of the mobs.” I followed with a question about Steve’s emotional well-being and was told that he was, “Being weird. Because he is trying to trick the mobs by trying to look like he’s not smart. Because everyone knows not to mine at night in Minecraft.”He also informed me that I could change Steve’s name to Stampy, who is the coolest character.

End of story, my concern that I had caused my child to act out some kind of neurotic toy show to express his feelings of despair about the family unit were ill-placed. :/ Once again, he has demonstrated that he is the only normal person in the household.

The best pile of sawdust in the world.


These were fun to take. My son and I were in Newton at a small saw mill on the McCorquodale property. They have had a giant pile of sawdust which children* have enjoyed for decades.

*Children who were told specifically NOT** to play on the sawdust pile.

**Which only makes it more attractive.


I shot these on the continuous setting and just on portrait to see what I got. I think it’s best to get a variety of angles and camera settings for quick shots like these. Honestly, my first instinct ended up being the best angle.

It doesn’t always work out that way, though!

The Trouble with Tribbles (Part I: Boy with Tribbles)

BE the tribble!
BE the tribble!

From time to time, I hand sew tribbles for my kid. I don’t do such a great job at it, but he doesn’t seem to mind. I can whip one out in 30 minutes or so. What a mess, though! The cut fur gets everywhere. It looks like a cat exploded in my lap by the time I finish one.



I did these with more traditional portrait lighting (the top one) and then with my attempt at recreating the lighting from the original series. The lighting could be harsh on that show, which leaves some heavy shadows.

Young Uncle Fester

My kid and I were bored yesterday afternoon. The boredom somehow led to dressing him up as Uncle Fester, including a bald cap and full makeup.

Young Uncle Fester

This picture was an experiment on my cell phone (a Samsung). I even edited it on there. I think it looks every bit as creepy and “festery” as we hoped for. My mom didn’t even realize this was a picture of her grandson until I told her! I got a good laugh out of that.

The costume wasn’t terribly difficult to create. I had to trim the bald cap a bit around the ears so it would lie down. I applied Ben Nye grey makeup to his face and head and set it with white powder. I then darkened the orbits of his eyes with a black makeup crayon. You can get an oversized coat at a thrift shop.

The next picture is less edited, so you can see how he looked in person (more or less).


Kid with a Peace Rose

I hardly check on my pink Peace Rose at the back of my yard. If I’m not working on the grape vines, I don’t really venture back that far. Today I was examining the state of the vines to see how close they were to losing their leaves.

The roses were in full bloom, so I let my kid choose a few to cut and bring inside. This rose was his favorite because it is a large bloom and has a very pretty scent.

DSCN8308 DSCN8310 DSCN8309