Burlesque in the 1920s


After everyone was in bed, I took out my camera and messed around a bit just using what I already had around the house. I must agree with guests to my house: I own an odd assortment of knickknacks. And the collection just gets weirder over time.

I wonder what would happen if I ever got my hands on a set of porcelain figurines. Nothing good, I surmise. Precious Moments kids…at a funeral. (Hey, there is one that’s crying because the cat ate her pet bird.)

Svetlana the Magnificent


In continuation of my study of spooky photography this October, I created a new character. She’s a mage. Okay, so she’s more of a shyster than a true mage–and isn’t that the scary part??

I used two lights for this shoot for more balance since I wasn’t going for the B movie effect. I was inspired by images from the Nine Inch Nails Closer video when I edited the pictures. I’ve loved that song and the visuals for 20 years now. It never gets old to watch a steam-powered heart pump in rhythm to the beat.



Anyhow, she’s an easy character to create for Halloween. All you need is black: Black wig, black eyeliners, black eye shadow. Throw in a little red lipstick and a lot of white powder (Ben Nye) and you have yourself a false mage.