Dimensions and Existence

I took these yesterday at the Museum of Contemporary Arts Houston. They have a nice outdoor sculpture area. I just let my kid run around and choose what he wanted to examine. He was very interested in a reflective square box with round holes in the sides. I’m not sure what it was like inside the sculpture, but it appears to have been darkened on the interior so as to give my kid the impression that it was opaque.

My edits of this set are meant to focus on what it means to exist in one physical space. Is your reflection not you? How do you know your own face if not for reflection? In a couple of the pictures, I hope it is ambiguous as to which image is the real child and not the reflection. I see the back of my kid’s head a lot, as he is the type of person who looks to the forward to the next adventure. One of the pictures is poignant for me because it shows him smiling at me and running away from me at the same time. 😦 That’s parenting.

Chasing Self
Separation of Self
Hiding Self
Looking ahead while Ignoring the Past
Centered Self
Guarding the Centered Self
Inevitable Innocence