I visited the aircraft carrier USS Lexington this past weekend. There are about 20 different planes on exhibit. Did I write down which one this was? No. And now I am mad that I can’t link to non-artsy photos of it. :/

I follow a blogger Amateur Airplanes who might enjoy a trip to the Lex. There is an extensive collection of model airplanes by Texas hobbyists on board.

I would have posted a picture of the collection, but the lens I was using just wasn’t doing the exhibit justice. I was using a fish eye to distort items. I didn’t gain anything by distorting the planes.

At the distance necessary to capture detail of model planes, a fish eye lens behaves much like your “regular” wide angle lens. Except that it grabs in a lot of background that you don’t want. I had left the Micro Nikkor macro lens in the car. I regret that decision.

B17 Bomber (Sentimental Journey)


This 1944 bomber is still in working condition. It was making a visit to Rochester, Minnesota. The plane can hold 10 people, 8 of which I think would operate the weaponry. There’s even a seat underneath the plane for an airman to sit.

A person would have to be exceptionally brave to get on that bomber during wartime.


If the B17 comes to your city, I recommend you take the time to see it!