Foggy New Orleans (Christmas 2016)

Christmas Day in New Orleans this year was extremely foggy. I got to see fog creeping across the river and head to the downtown area. It was eery! And moved a lot faster than I thought it would.

I decided to take a few pictures of the bridge being completely covered in fog while I had the chance.

IH10 Bridge (New Orleans)

I focused on the foreground to add some interest and color to the scene for the second set of pictures I took. I had a hard time controlling the view since it was not easy to simply break a branch here in there. The terrain of the river bank was a it rough.  But I got a few I was satisfied with.

IH10 Bridge (New Orleans)


Small scenes from St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery in New Orleans. I like how the plant appears to grab at death, as if to shoo it away behind the tombs. Or courageously claw at it–protecting us.

But this is an illusion. We are trapped in this maze.The maze is suffocating. Yet, we are are still here walking the same paths over and over bumping into the same obstacles.

I suppose it is better than not existing and not walking the same paths. Then again, I don’t really know that.

All I know is that there is no escape from this path.

That and chickens are delicious dinosaur descendants. Specifically, some kind of T Rex. No really. Chickens are closer to dinosaurs than any other bird.

What will rule humans like we rule chickens? Giant bacteria monsters like  The Blob?  Or giant algae sucking up our oxygen. There was a bacteria which caused a giant oxygenating event  2.3 billion years ago which led to life today. What if algae took over and ate all our oxygen in a “giant de-oxygenating event”?

DOOMSDAY ALGAE.  NO OXYGEN. Do I worry about stupid stuff? Yes! Yes, I do. OR DO I?

With pink flowers
Blocked in
With red flowers


As far as plant cuteness goes, there is a tie between pussy willows and moss. I happened upon a small patch while looking for fossils with my 8 year old.

Plush moss near Hamilton Pool Road.

This area of Texas is fairly dry and rocky, so you wouldn’t expect to find moss hiding out under the trees. But there it is! Bein’ all cute with its wittle teddy bear fuzz.

Foggy morning


These are 🍑 🌳 branches. I love those little emojis. So much better to send a 🐙 or a🍄 to your friends than words. Think about it. Receiving a random shocked/unpleasantly surprised 🐙 text has to brighten your day.

Unless you read too much into things. Then it would cause anxiety. Is she saying I look like an octopus? Am i too clingy? Is this a mistake? Should i respond? If i do, with words or a picture? 😳

Taken with my LG3 phone.

Puerto Rico, 1996

I lived in Ponce, Puerto Rico for a month in the winter of 1996. I was escaping the cold Wisconsin winter and looking to improve my Spanish by adding another accent to my repertoire.

These photos, like my Ecuador photos from 1995, were also taken on disposable cameras.

 Snow cone vendor in Ponce. Notice the large block of ice to the right. He was chopping the ice by hand!
Snow cone vendor in Ponce. Notice the large block of ice to the right. He was chopping the ice by hand!

Okay, this next one is just pathetic. Conceptually, I knew what I wanted (the whole other side of the island in one shot). But, I had no idea how a person would get there. I tried climbing really high on the other side of the island.

Still not getting the whole thing. Wait! I will take a picture of each side and tape them together later. THIS STROKE OF BRILLIANCE CAN’T FAIL.

I didn't know what a panoramic picture was when I took this. All I knew was that I wanted the whole vista in the picture.
I didn’t know what a panoramic picture was when I took this. All I knew was that I wanted the whole vista in the picture.

^^^It Was A Failure^^^

I didn’t take into account the fact that the lighting would be different if you moved the camera.

Let me end on a nice, calming Caribbean sunset.

Guanica Bay at sunset
Guanica Bay at sunset

Aztec Caves (with a fisheye lens)

This hike is rated online anywhere from “easy” to “difficult.” I’ll go with moderate, in that case. The footing is unsteady, but I made it up with my six-year-old kiddo.

Looking down the trail.
Looking down the trail.

I think I would have made it up the mountain faster if I weren’t six months pregnant at the time. Luckily, there were a number of places to stop and rest.

I took these with a fisheye lens. I was exploring how that kind of lens might be used in landscape photography. Overall, I really liked it.

Looking up towards the caves.
Looking up towards the caves.

Since it’s a very wide angle lens, it did a great job of taking in panoramic views. Also, it was fun to distort the inside of the caves. The two below were my favorites from that series.

Exposed for the view inside the cave.
Exposed for the view inside the cave.
Exposed for the view outside the cave.
Exposed for the view outside the cave.

Aztec Caves Hike: Cute Finds

There were a lot of cute kids climbing up the Aztec Caves Trail in the Franklin Mountains (El Paso, Texas). This one agreed to pose for me when we got up into the caves.

Out of Proportion Child
Out of Proportion Child

Due to being low to the ground, this child was able to see little creatures I didn’t notice. Like this Chihuahuan Collared Lizard.

Mr. Lizard
Mr. Lizard

It took me a while to identify this lizard. This species of collared lizard lives only in El Paso County. At least, so says the internet, which we all know is infallible.

This little lizard was a great sport and posed for many pictures! Friendly lil’ guy.

There was another small, gray lizard running around the trails. I couldn’t get one to stop for a picture though. They just run like crazy when they see hooo-menz. Their little tails curve upwards, and they dash into the brush as if squealing, “AAAAAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH!” in a panicked lizard voice.

Meanwhile, Mr./Ms. Collared Lizard was proud to show off his/her pretty spots and weird, grabby feet.

Fisheye Lens and Flowers

I took a trip with my kiddo this weekend. I asked him if he wanted to visit the mountains or the beach. He chose the mountains, so off we headed to El Paso.

For the first time ever, I rented a lens…a fisheye lens. Of all things! I wanted to see what I could do with the distortion that kind of lens creates.

I took the one below of a blooming palo verde tree in Concordia Cemetery. It’s not as in focus as I would like. To be fair to myself, this was taken the first hour I was working with the lens. I have to remember that this is all a learning process!


I also tried out its capacity for close-up pictures of individual flowers. I really like how these turned out. You can see the whole background, but it is oddly blurry and bent. To me, it offers some interest to the background detail while keeping it from competing with the main image.

Ocatillo flower on the Franklin Mountains
Ocatillo flower on the Franklin Mountains

In one of my photography books, an author is bothered by the darkening of the corners of photos when using very wide angle lens. I find the effect sort of charming, like a vignette effect or something. It’s not something I would change in the editing process. Here’s an example of that vignetting on the upper corners of this picture of a globe mallow:


And here’s another pretty flower from the Concordia Cemetery.