My darling Ivy, my friend in the cave


My darling Ivy, my friend in the cave. Don’t know when she got there. Don’t know why she would stay. The glint of her eye says she might once roamed free. But, she has no voice and could never tell me.


Sometimes I see very cute faces in things, like last week when I was behind a Jeep without its spare tire. He had a really goofy smile.

But every now and then I see a freaky Cave Demon. GAH! Burn it with fire!

For your reading pleasure, see Jiangang Liu’s IgNoble Prize  for researching what happens to the brain when you see Jesus on a piece of toast.

Claudette in Crinoline


Here’s my favorite icky baby doll wearing Momma’s crinoline petticoat.

Now there’s a sentence an infinite number of monkeys might type.

(About the photo: Another spur of the moment phone pic. I liked the lighting from my bathroom on the crinoline. Sure. I admit that a petticoat on the bedroom floor is kinda strange. But i buy interesting items to inspire me. No editing aside from a crop. I like the noise. Makes it a tad unsettling.)

Garden Doll

Garden Doll
Garden Doll

I’m going to concentrate in creepy doll themes for the near future. Sorry if they freak you out! Just be glad you don’t live me and have to experience the dolls in person. 🙂

I just find myself torn in too many directions for subjects. I need to focus on one if I am going to get anything accomplished. Right now, the dolls are less time-consuming than doing pinup or 1920s glam scenes. I need easy because of that squirmy baby sitting on my lap right now.