Lord, give me the strength...
Running for sheriff
This was how the inmates fashioned a shower. Yeeesh.

When i told the docent that this jail was way creepier than Alcatraz, she said i wasn’t the first to say that.

The family/caretakers used to live on the 1st floor. I was shocked to hear the jail operated until 1982. It was disgusting. And I stick my camera into old tombs with bodies in various states of decay. So. Yeah.

I’m no fan of bullshit crimes or violent people. But damn. The cells were horrid. Forget the rust. No air circulation, short ceilings, heavy iron cells. To think we treat people similarly today makes my skin crawl.

Gross living quarters don’t exactly help to teach people ( or in dumbass terms “learn them”) the proper way to live.

That is why the jail was shut down in 1982. Look. We fancy most people in jail to be the worst of humanity. Oh dear. As a lawyer, I can tell you that so many are in jail for petty crimes you have insurance/the bank to cover. And so many terrible people with financial means are lauded. I’m not kidding; I come across very evil blobs posing as humans.

TL;DR. Either way: that shower is nasty.

Ecuador, August 1995

Twenty years ago, I spent a month as a foreign student in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I was 19. Aside from the time I accidentally ended up in the Black Market (cabs refused to pick up anyone on that side of town!), it was a fantastic experience. I took these photos in the mountains, likely in Cuenca.

I’m posting these because I’ve had 20 years to reflect on why I didn’t think I was ever any good at photography. I took these on a disposable camera. Remember those? I didn’t have money for a real camera. I wasn’t exactly earning big bucks as a Kahler Coffeehouse Bakery Basket girl (my union title!).

Because I am not a Vivian Maier-esque hoarder, I’ve thrown out rolls and rolls of undeveloped film over the years. I regret that. I look at these pictures now and see that I wasn’t a bad photographer at all. :/



I checked on the hotel I stayed at in Cuenca, and it’s still there: Hostal Caribe Inn.