Scenes from my ROOM OF DOOM


I keep promising my husband that i will fix up that creepy former dining room. I tell him that I’ll make it into a reading room or study. I make this promise every few months.

I’ve even announced grand plans to de-doom the room and make it an art nouveau inspired living room.

Yet, here i am posing my horrible dolls on an old wheelchair. *sigh* Maybe i could try repainting it a cheery color. Or i could buy a stylish trunk to hide the dolls.


Svetlana the Magnificent


In continuation of my study of spooky photography this October, I created a new character. She’s a mage. Okay, so she’s more of a shyster than a true mage–and isn’t that the scary part??

I used two lights for this shoot for more balance since I wasn’t going for the B movie effect. I was inspired by images from the Nine Inch Nails Closer video when I edited the pictures. I’ve loved that song and the visuals for 20 years now. It never gets old to watch a steam-powered heart pump in rhythm to the beat.



Anyhow, she’s an easy character to create for Halloween. All you need is black: Black wig, black eyeliners, black eye shadow. Throw in a little red lipstick and a lot of white powder (Ben Nye) and you have yourself a false mage.

Bloody Mary, the Queen in the Mirror

In keeping with my study of creepy photography techniques, this time I angled a light downwards on to myself. This lighting position is used for all kinds of portraits, so it’s not necessarily going to end up having a person look terribly scary. I had to rely on makeup and costuming for the desired effect.



I have a back story for why I chose this particular image to work on.

Bloody Mary is cursed to live out her lonely days trapped in mirrors. The ages of solitude have twisted her psyche to the point where she lashes out at the youthful girls who taunt her with their chants. They are her only company, but she chooses to terrify them rather than curry favor with the children so that she may ease her solitude.

Girls learn the hard way not to request an appearance of this queen. It only takes one bad experience to figure out that this spirit is not fun to call upon.

In my case, I received a scratch in one session. Not being one to quit while ahead, I decided to call upon her once more. She appeared in my Strawberry Shortcake hand mirror when I chanted for her in my closet. Her face was frightening, and she left me a stern warning about bothering her in the future: she fogged up my hand mirror–permanently.

You better believe I chucked that thing in the trash when I realized it wasn’t my breath that had fogged it up!

Young Uncle Fester

My kid and I were bored yesterday afternoon. The boredom somehow led to dressing him up as Uncle Fester, including a bald cap and full makeup.

Young Uncle Fester

This picture was an experiment on my cell phone (a Samsung). I even edited it on there. I think it looks every bit as creepy and “festery” as we hoped for. My mom didn’t even realize this was a picture of her grandson until I told her! I got a good laugh out of that.

The costume wasn’t terribly difficult to create. I had to trim the bald cap a bit around the ears so it would lie down. I applied Ben Nye grey makeup to his face and head and set it with white powder. I then darkened the orbits of his eyes with a black makeup crayon. You can get an oversized coat at a thrift shop.

The next picture is less edited, so you can see how he looked in person (more or less).