The Beavers of Slaughter Creek

Not sure where we’d be able to find real beavers near our house, so the stuffies had to suffice. These are a part of my kid’s large collection of stuffed beavers. I think he picked out the most beaver-like ones. His favorite is still his Ikea Klappar Baver who goes by the name Beaver. It’s nickname is Turkey “because he’s fat like a turkey.”

We attracted a small crowd on the creek. The path from the parking lot to the trail goes through the creek bed, so it wasn’t a surprise that people saw us.  A little girl sat down and watched us for a few minutes. I suppose it’s not every day that a gaggle of stuffies gets the royal treatment!

Cheap Costume for Kids


She’s a mouse! Or some kind of kitten. Perhaps a puppy.

My husband had to correct me, though, when I declared this costume to be the cheapest EVER. “You spent at least a fraction of a cent on that eyeliner. Remember when we forgot about Halloween the year Vlad went as Safari Kid?” ooo. yeah. That was the year Curious George and a safari-themed shirt from the closet became a costume.

BEHOLD: Mouse-Child


Context is important. Is she a kitten eating a mouse, or a Mommy Mouse about to be eaten by a giant cat?


Creeper Costume


Maybe Minecraft will be in style again next year. Who knows! In any case, I decided to post my version of a Creeper costume. I don’t usually post instructions on how to make things because…well…if you lived with me, you’d see why.

Anyhow! I imagine this general plan could cover many of the creatures in Minecraft since they are built of blocks.

I’m not the type to fuss around with a sewing machine. But, I didn’t want to put the Kid in a cardboard box either. (Not that those are bad costumes! They just aren’t practical for school AND trick-or-treating.)

I got this idea from another blogger who has more of a focus on homemade items than I do. This blogger gave some really good advice relating to mistakes to avoid. For one, she underestimated the time it would take to put this item together. Simple concept/tedious execution.

I made sure to start this costume well in advance and to use fabric glue and iron-on backing. The other blogger used a glue-gun, which isn’t ideal for fabric (but great in a pinch!). The iron-on backing I used did not fare so well during a school day. Some of the felt and the grey sweatshirt material didn’t adhere enough to make it all the way through. I ended up gluing the pieces back on last night with fabric glue. I made sure to glue around the square edges so they would lay flat.

I went through the trouble of doing that because the Kid tells me he plans to wear this shirt on other occasions. Um, okay!

If I had to do it again, I would have used a good quality fabric glue from square one. Ironing of the pieces made them crooked because they either stuck to the iron or slid around. The shirt looked better when I peeled off the crooked ones and glued them back on straight.




^^^ See how they are kind of crooked? Annoying after all that measuring and cutting. Grr.

There are a ton of patterns you can download and print for a good Creeper head. It’s still uncomfortably warm and humid most years in Austin, so I opted for makeup instead of a cardboard head. The Kid already owned a Creeper cap, but he got so warm he had to take that off during our trip around the neighborhood.




End of Innocence (Beaver in His Last Repose?)

Last sighting
Last sighting

My son has finally seen a beaver in real life. The end of his childhood nears, which saddens and delights me at the same time. Will he ever find joy and creative influence in something as much as he did with his Beaver? I can only hope.


I fear this is Beaver’s last trek. Maybe there is one last trip, and I mourn the childhood too soon. In either event, Beaver had a fitting end. He saw his own kind.

The best pile of sawdust in the world.


These were fun to take. My son and I were in Newton at a small saw mill on the McCorquodale property. They have had a giant pile of sawdust which children* have enjoyed for decades.

*Children who were told specifically NOT** to play on the sawdust pile.

**Which only makes it more attractive.


I shot these on the continuous setting and just on portrait to see what I got. I think it’s best to get a variety of angles and camera settings for quick shots like these. Honestly, my first instinct ended up being the best angle.

It doesn’t always work out that way, though!