Abstractions: Bold

I could possibly use these in my living room. My walls are a similar yellow, Spiced Butternut from Behr. The color actually looks closer to the yellow here than the online sample. Also, once my paint job is entirely finished (an ongoing saga*), we will hang the red opera banners from the Hannibal series. My husband bid on the banners in the prop auction after the show ended.

The ones below are re-edits of the Pinky Pinks abstractions from a previous post. I just wanted to play around with them a bit more to make them unrecognizable from the originals. I wouldn’t have a room to put these in if I had them printed, though.

*The paint saga:  I wanted bolder paint than the usual greige, beige, cream, or light tan I have always used in common areas. The color I chose is A COLOR. And, it’s in a two story high living room. A LOT OF THAT COLOR.

I haven’t painted all the way to the top. I can’t decide if I am sold on the color. So, my house has been half-painted for over a year now due to indecision. My husband has just resigned himself to living like this because I’m too difficult to deal with on the issue.

Maybe my little abstractions will get me motivated to do something about this problem.

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