Winky Wilda


Winky Wilda was introduced in 1972 by the little-known Lovey Babies Company to compete in the saturated baby doll market. The marketers hoped they could differentiate Wilda from the leading competition by having her look more like a younger sister instead of an infant.

This tactic proved to be a mistake. Hundreds of complaints rained down on Lovey Babies from parents and teachers alike shortly after the Christmas season. Little girls were found beating the doll–some even crushing the dolls’ heads or plucking out one or both eyes.

The reasons behind the vicious attacks were never determined. Nonetheless, Lovey Babies filed for bankruptcy in mid-1973. Hasbro purchased the remaining stock and unused vinyl, which were rumored to have been melted down and made into the first run of My Little Pony’s Cotton Candy.

Since the first run of Cotton Candy has never been related to any acts of violence perpetrated by little girls, rumors that Winky Wilda was cursed or haunted are unsubstantiated.

The most logical theory behind the savage beatings is that the little girls who received Wilda were spoiled brats who likely took pleasure in abusing their younger siblings.

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