Chile Piquin in Macro

In an olive background.
In an olive background.

If you live in central/west Texas, you may have encountered the Chile Piquin. This plant is native to the area, which means it spreads easily. Some have complained that it is aggressive. Eh, that’s what I like about it.

In context with unripened berries.
In context with unripened berries.

This plant is fantastic in our zone (Austin). If you don’t like it spreading, pluck the seedlings when you find them.

Some idea of proportion.
Some idea of proportion.

The berries (chili peppers as most would call them) are tiny. Like your pinky nail. Very small. I find them to be a huge pain to pick for that reason.

You can dry them in the oven for use later. Certainly they can be used in a preserve like jalapeño jelly. I haven’t tried that yet. Supposedly, the wildlife enjoys eating the berries. I haven’t caught a bird on those bushes to date.

(Another set taken with a rented Nikon Nikkor macro lens.)

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