Ecuador, August 1995

Twenty years ago, I spent a month as a foreign student in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I was 19. Aside from the time I accidentally ended up in the Black Market (cabs refused to pick up anyone on that side of town!), it was a fantastic experience. I took these photos in the mountains, likely in Cuenca.

I’m posting these because I’ve had 20 years to reflect on why I didn’t think I was ever any good at photography. I took these on a disposable camera. Remember those? I didn’t have money for a real camera. I wasn’t exactly earning big bucks as a Kahler Coffeehouse Bakery Basket girl (my union title!).

Because I am not a Vivian Maier-esque hoarder, I’ve thrown out rolls and rolls of undeveloped film over the years. I regret that. I look at these pictures now and see that I wasn’t a bad photographer at all. :/



I checked on the hotel I stayed at in Cuenca, and it’s still there: Hostal Caribe Inn. 

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