Minecraft: Steve Has an Existential Crisis

My husband noticed this little scene developing on the table. He felt that Steve may have been suffering from an existential crisis.

Steve despairs!
Steve despairs!

I asked my kiddo what Steve was doing, “He’s mining iron ore at night and no one does that because of the mobs.” I followed with a question about Steve’s emotional well-being and was told that he was, “Being weird. Because he is trying to trick the mobs by trying to look like he’s not smart. Because everyone knows not to mine at night in Minecraft.”He also informed me that I could change Steve’s name to Stampy, who is the coolest character.

End of story, my concern that I had caused my child to act out some kind of neurotic toy show to express his feelings of despair about the family unit were ill-placed. :/ Once again, he has demonstrated that he is the only normal person in the household.

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