“Robbers of Peaches” Peach Jam


I stole some peaches. Then I stole some more today with my son. We are, in his view, robbers of peaches. He was happy to carry the ill gotten loot in a muslin bag back to our house.

Truth be told, I have never enjoyed a single Texas peach. They are small, sour rocks. But, they are very fragrant and make a nice preserve. I don’t have a particular recipe to wow you with. Just about any you find online will do.

Garden Doll

Garden Doll
Garden Doll

I’m going to concentrate in creepy doll themes for the near future. Sorry if they freak you out! Just be glad you don’t live me and have to experience the dolls in person. 🙂

I just find myself torn in too many directions for subjects. I need to focus on one if I am going to get anything accomplished. Right now, the dolls are less time-consuming than doing pinup or 1920s glam scenes. I need easy because of that squirmy baby sitting on my lap right now.

Scenes from my ROOM OF DOOM


I keep promising my husband that i will fix up that creepy former dining room. I tell him that I’ll make it into a reading room or study. I make this promise every few months.

I’ve even announced grand plans to de-doom the room and make it an art nouveau inspired living room.

Yet, here i am posing my horrible dolls on an old wheelchair. *sigh* Maybe i could try repainting it a cheery color. Or i could buy a stylish trunk to hide the dolls.


My dog’s last day. Bye, sweet Bueford😥


These are from Bueford’s last night in the realm of the living. We had to put the poor beast to sleep this afternoon. He was so sick, so bony. Hardly anything left of my once morbidly obese hound.

My favorite memories of Bueford:

1.  Finding his fat blobness on craigslist. The ad was for a 9 year old basset hound. His family couldn’t keep him. When I got him, he and I were fast friends!
2.  The time I took him to the vet who looks me square in the eye and tells me, “Ma’am, you dog stinks.” I was like I KNOW…can we do something about that? After a few months of 3 weekly baths in an antifungal shampoo, he stunk less. He never smelled decent, though! Stinky Bueford. 😦

His favorite memories? Aside from eating hamburgers (a bad habit from his first family), he was happiest when killing baby bunnies. He’d steal them from the nest and then fling them around the yard viciously. Weee! Smack. Weeee! Smack. Crunch, crunch.

Yep. He sure had fun that day. I didnt. And my husband–who had to locate and discard the all baby bunny carcasses– sure didn’t either

But such was the Way of the Bueford. Fair sailing, old chap. May you find treats galore and frolick in the grass of Doggie Heaven, where you play gently with the bunnies.