One last Halloween post…


^^^ That up there caused me some heartache for days. I had this *fantastic* idea to put my baby in a pumpkin. There are many cute babies in pumpkins on the internet. These babies are smiling.

Well, my baby did not react with smiling. Oh dear.

My 6 year old son did not like the pumpkin idea, either. NO. I did not put him in the pumpkin after shrinking him in a science fiction-like experiment gone awry. Instead, I put his favorite toy (stuffed beaver) in the pumpkin. The whole time he moaned about how dirty the beaver was going to get and how I better wash him. The pictures were terrible.

Then I remembered some advice from Lisa on Location She said to just let kids be kids when you photograph them. I let my son compose himself and pick his own outfit and prop.

He chose one of my ceramic skulls.

I found his selection strange, but he was far more comfortable in front of the camera after that.


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