Felt Creatures

felt mouse

I visited the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center this past Sunday. Even though it’s fall, there are still flowers in bloom in central Texas. But I wouldn’t say it’s the main attraction this time of year. Now that the dog days of summer are over, you can actually enjoy your environment without suffering heat exhaustion!

There’s a short hiking trail and several nature paths, as well as a cool cistern you can climb to get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area. They’ve also got a nice play area with a man-made waterfall for the kiddos. (My 6 year old approved.)

There are also temporary art exhibitions, which adds to the enjoyment of the center.

Until December 7, 2014, there is an exhibition by an artist who makes creations out of felt. I hadn’t really contemplated felt as artwork before, so I was dubious at first.  http://barbaraattwell.net  I ended up being both amused (due to the supreme cuteness of the displayed art) and impressed with the intricacy of the pieces.

I felt (LOL!!!) inspired to take a few pictures of her sculptures, particularly the ones with black display backgrounds. I’ve really been into underexposing subjects in front of black backgrounds lately. I then play with the brilliance and contrast in Photoshop later at home.

felt lion


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