Vicious Doll

I am going to focus my efforts on improving my creepy photography this October. Today, I spent quite some time online researching different methods to create spooky effects with lighting. I decided I’d practice with a single strobe without an umbrella to achieve dramatic contrast, which was one of the suggestions I read.

I converted these to B&W and adjusted the tints to get the look I wanted. I also altered the contrast and the brightness.

creepydoll1 creepydoll2

Problems I encountered:

1.  The mask was a challenge. It was damn near impossible to position myself in a way to avoid showing the edges. I had the idea to use my hair to cover the edges. Some of the pictures looked like Cousin It was convulsing on the floor. LOL! Or maybe better stated, ROFL.

2.  I chose a single strobe and no light for the background because I have a mirrored cabinet which reflects light in the background without the addition of another strobe. I had to move the light and camera around to avoid angles where you could see the strobe in the mirror.

3. Costuming wasn’t what I had imagined. I planned to use a fluffy, light green petticoat and dark green gloves. Well, I looked in the mirror, and that petticoat was making me look chunky and shapeless with the shirt I chose. Then the gloves were too much of a contrast with the mask.

Also, my shoes pinched my toes. And you can’t even see them, so it was all for naught. Boo!

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