Young Uncle Fester

My kid and I were bored yesterday afternoon. The boredom somehow led to dressing him up as Uncle Fester, including a bald cap and full makeup.

Young Uncle Fester

This picture was an experiment on my cell phone (a Samsung). I even edited it on there. I think it looks every bit as creepy and “festery” as we hoped for. My mom didn’t even realize this was a picture of her grandson until I told her! I got a good laugh out of that.

The costume wasn’t terribly difficult to create. I had to trim the bald cap a bit around the ears so it would lie down. I applied Ben Nye grey makeup to his face and head and set it with white powder. I then darkened the orbits of his eyes with a black makeup crayon. You can get an oversized coat at a thrift shop.

The next picture is less edited, so you can see how he looked in person (more or less).


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