Street Photography: People whose shirts match the flowers

These are from El Paso Street in El Paso, Texas. The street runs straight into the border crossing between the U.S. and Mexico at Ciudad Juarez. It’s a fairly bustling marketplace chock full of the normal (clothing, shoes) and the bizarre (plastic trees covered in eyeballs, real human skulls, etc.).

There is a flower/home decor shop a block from the border. Owing to the tight clusters of bright flowers jammed together, this shop is especially photogenic–even if it is slightly chaotic. So, I gave myself an assignment: create some order out of this chaos.

Behold: People whose shirts match the flowers!

Orange shirt; Orange poppy
Orange shirt; Orange poppy
Lavender pants; Lavender flowers
Lavender pants; Lavender flowers (Clearly I broke a rule here. But check out those pants!)
Yellow shirt; Yellow flowers
Yellow shirt; Yellow flowers
Pink shirt; Pink flower
Pink shirt; Pink flower

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