Scenes from the Farmers Market

Just a few scenes of people at the farmers market in Rochester, Minnesota this morning.





One thought on “Scenes from the Farmers Market

  1. cc4Dear Rachel,This is about YOU and your business! You shloud never be obligated to work for my sake, dear! But, I’m so proud of you for making the decision to move forward in your business. Call me when you need help with anything!Love, me.Even having warm-chattered those two ladies on Friday, I didn’t feel as empowered as I thought I would, just more nervous. But, thanks to Chris, I DID IT. I spent the weekend sort of beating up on myself, even though I’m not supposed to, and mulling over the fact that getting through this 30-day class, I must change my thinking and keep moving forward. At times, the overwhelming realization that this is how my business needs to grow all the way through each leadership position, makes me even at times doubt my desire to actually move up and even not want to continue these 30 days.However, I woke up this morning with new motivation to accept that even if I didn’t feel growth after that first experiment with warm chatter on Friday (the only warm chatter I’ve admittedly done in the first 5 days of this program), I have 25 more days. Everyone has PROMISED me that I will not have as much fear if I continue to warm chatter, so warm chatter I shall!I realized that one of my issues was visualizing myself warm chattering if I’m going to do something that scares me, if I’m preparing to engage in something unfamiliar or potentially fear-inducing, I first have to visualize how I’ll do it, the script I’ll use, my posture and gestures (it’s the same for dancing, acting, making phone calls, even holding a skin care class). However, with all these activities, after envisioning myself actually doing them, I am no longer fearful, I just do what I’ve practiced and imagined. With warm chatter, I can’t seem to get a picture that works. There’s a fear-block that I haven’t figured out how to obliterate yet.I’ve also realized that I can take nos on the phone ALLL DAY LONG, really. But to have someone say no to my face is devastating and I can’t manage to take the emotion out of it.I’ve relegated to using Skin Care Surveys, because that way, they still give me their information and I’m still asking them to try Mary Kay, but they have the option of saying no, without my having to engage in much dialogue at all. Unfortunately, sometimes Skin Care Surveys aren’t as convenient as just walking up to a woman and handing her a sample, so I’m going to need a different plan I was at Mass on Sunday morning and the homily was about fear all the fears we live with each and every day, big fears, social fears, family fears, personal fears, health fears, etc. and how they’re only exacerbated by media and politics. We let these fears fester and we forget that faith is what pushes us through fear and manages it. For a company based on GOD FIRST, I have no qualms or hesitations saying that God will help me through this, God has giant success in store for ALL of us, and as Vic reminded me at Seminar, I’m EXACTLY where God wants me to be.21


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