Galveston Cemetery: Inside the Vault

A nice gentleman in jeans approached me when I was taking pictures in the cemetery. He was standing near a small, Spanish tile roofed building.

“Do you wanna see something cool?” he asks while beckoning me to follow him behind the small building.

Not being suspicious of strangers, I gleefully squealed, “Yes!” and followed him without a single question. Now, I sort of got concerned when he started unlocking a padlocked set of wooden doors. Because, I mean, isn’t that how a good horror story starts?

He pushed the eastern facing doors open. A set of silver cabinets shone against the morning sun. I was blinded for a second. The gentleman then opened one of the doors to reveal a temporary tomb.DSCN6381

Huh. Empty. I admit that it was a slight disappointment. But then he opened up one with an old temporary casket.

The gentleman told me that he likes to ask elementary school children if they’d like to lie in the casket. Purportedly, each child agrees….


He opened another door to show a different type of casket: square. Also, one side of the original sliders (2x4s) were still in place.


The place had an odd aroma. A dusty, sweet–yet unidentifiable–aroma. *Fascinating*

All in all, my advice is that when you follow strange men into padlocked old buildings, good things are bound to happen.

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