The Carnivorous Pitcher Plants of the Big Thicket Preserve

Beaker, Beaker; Peeker, peeker.
Beaker, Beaker; Peeker, peeker.

I spent Mothers’ Day weekend in Newton, Texas. That was my present! I’d been planning the trip for months, ever since I saw that the Big Thicket National Preserve has carnivorous plants. If you have ever spent any time in east Texas, you’d be overjoyed at the notion of plants that kill insect pests. When I saw a swamp full of bug-eating plants, I wondered why the heck those plants weren’t encouraged to expand their territory. Kill!!!

Field of feeders.
Field of feeders.

You have to understand, the Big Thicket is quiet…except for the eery buzzing of what must be mega-millions of biting insects. Or stinging ones. The bog of pitcher plants was pleasantly quiet, silent screams of the dying bugs aside.



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