More miniature Austin

I’ve been tilt shifting away in Photoshop on the pictures I took from the 30th floor of a building in downtown Austin. Some turned out better than others. Of course, I am only going to show you the ones that worked! From what I have determined, the best ones have a lot of small details, be it windows or cars or street signs. Those small details viewed from above make for a more realistic “miniature” when the pictures are edited.

This is a fairly easy edit to perform in Photoshop. It’s in the blur menu. You just have to mess with the preset parameters to get what you want. Ideally, I’d go out and get a DSLR and a tilt shift lens instead of relying on editing software. I like to do as much as I can in the camera. But, I got other bills to pay before spending money on such frippery.




SQUEE! It’s soooo tiny and cute. I must travel to other places and make this cuteness happen—–> that’s where my money goes.

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