Miraculous Dead Danger

I feel strange doing artistic shots. I’m used to taking a picture of something and saying, “That’s a well-lit caterpillar in my garden. It’s eating dill. It was a sunny day. Here’s a Zinnia!”  I was inspired by a photographer who had an exhibit at an airport. It was either Atlanta or Chicago-Midway. I can’t remember.

Many times I remember things I see but without total recall. I’m no Arnold Schwarzenegger. I recall the photographer did black and whites of taxidermy animals at museums and was a professor of art/photography (female name).

The images were icky creepy in that way I love.

Here’s my take on what that artist was doing. Whoever she is, I am grateful for the inspiration.

They're gaining!
Death comes/Happy day in the Savannah
I feel safe.
Calm Fear
Scratch one more time.
Scratch one more time.
It's all gone.
It’s all gone.
Strange bedfellows. Run.
Strange Bedfellows

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