Cool stuff at the San Antonio Museum of Art


I visited in September for the opening of the Aphrodite exhibit. They don’t allow photography in the exhibit, which is just as well. It’s a pain in the ass to take pictures in a museum and not get random passersby in the photos (or have your reflection appear in the protective glass).

I had to move fast and did not have a tripod, so these images are not the best. But I feel like I need to give balanced reporting of the place, given that my previous post made it seem like the museum is nothing but a Creep Factory. I’d say the Creep Factory produces about 15% of the total output. Except at night, when I am certain the place is 100% haunted.




I spent about 10-15 minutes lying on my back taking pictures of the blown glass in the hall leading to the exhibit. Needless to say, they turned out way nicer than my other pictures. Also needless to say: you will get curious looks from people when you lie around on the floor of a museum.


One thought on “Cool stuff at the San Antonio Museum of Art

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