McCorquodale Saw Mill (Newton, Texas)

Newton County, Texas is located at the Louisiana border. It’s quite a small town; about 2,500 people live there. There’s a Family Dollar and  a Dollar General. Believe me when I tell you that I can be entertained for hours in a “dollar store,” today’s version of the five and dime. I’ve got this strange attraction to places like that. I cried CRIED when Woolworth’s went out of business in the United States. Where else could I both shoplift AND see dead parakeets? And, where will I dine the next time I go to San Juan, Puerto Rico if the Woolworth’s counter is not available?

I was also quite distressed when K-Mart stopped serving food, as I was a fan of their patty melt.

Back to my Newton story:  I drove out there for a weekend get-away. I probably wouldn’t have headed out there except for the existence of a small-scale working saw mill. Because——->ZOMG! When do you get a chance to see that? A friend of mine comes from that neck of the woods. Her family was kind enough to put up with me for a 24 hour period. They also fed me, which always makes me happy.

Proof that I was in Newton:

Water Tank
Water Tank

Here’s the mill:



Here’s a close-up of a blade which shows it is still in recent use:

Choppy Choppy
Choppy Choppy





The biggest pile of sawdust I have ever seen:


The sawdust is brought out on that bike chain thing. The family tells me that the pile can be sold for use in particle board manufacture. And, yes, I did play on the sawdust pile. Irresistible! I was wearing a Star Trek costume at the time, so I figured it was the appropriate action to take.

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