Museum of the Weird (Austin, Texas)

I’d been wanting to visit for quite some time, but other stuff kept getting in the way. I finally got my chance today to bring my 4 year old to the MUSEUM OF THE WEIRD on 6th Street. If you aren’t from Texas, 6th Street is Austin’s answer to Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Except, it’s all Texas-y and no one chucks beads at you.

Man alive. Do I ever have a story about some drunk jerk chucking beads at the back of my head in New Orleans. Not here, not now. mmm.

I will say that the place is more horrifying that weird. And my kiddo freaked the frick out and refused to come further than the first section. It’s small, but there are tons of fantastic oddities to examine. I’ll go back without little dude one day so I get a chance to take in the splendor of creeptastic items!

There is a sideshow upstairs…if you can manage not to lose your shit walking past the scary things. The Sinister Hand Sideshow is a bunch of fun! Kiddo really enjoyed their tricks, the details of which I won’t reveal here. I luckily had cash (some kind of Christmas miracle) to tip them. For $5 you can get a signed picture of them. Well worth it!

Me and my Sinister Hand Sideshow guys!
Me and my Sinister Hand Sideshow guys!

The place is dead in the middle of 6th Street amongst the bars and pizza joints. Because after you smoke a fattie, you need a slice.



Here’s one of their creepy items. I wonder if they are supplied by the same ick warehouse as Dave’s Pawn Shop in El Paso, Texas.

A "mermaid"
A “mermaid”

Whoa, there, Cowboy! Pancho Villa’s finger is in El Paso. At Dave’s Pawn Shop. No way in hell this one is the real fing…I mean thing.


"Pancho Villa's" finger
“Pancho Villa’s” finger

It’s totally worth the $8 admission. This comes from a person who obsesses about creepish items. Maybe two-headed taxidermy baby cows aren’t your deal. If they aren’t, I recommend you reexamine your priorities.

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