Cool stuff at the State of Texas Surplus warehouse.

They have a lot of crapola there. See, previous post. But they also have an air conditioned space with cool stuff that TSA finds/confiscates at the airport. You want a snow globe from San Antonio for cheap? They’ve got plenty to choose from. Jewelry too. So if you lose your bracelet or watch at the airport, it might turn up there at a steep discount.

The best items? They are in a locked case with a “Not for Sale” sticker on it.

Yum! Snake and scorpion infused…vodka?

What?! You’re not selling the best shit?

I asked the salesperson there why I couldn’t buy any of the badass shit in that case. He just shrugged and said it was because the case was locked. I told him that wasn’t really an answer. None of the items are illegal to own! He just said it was the coolest stuff they had. (Um, so sell me it!)

I’ll just have to make do with these pictures and the sweet memory I have of finding a noose at the bottom of the cabinet. Although, that preserved baby shark was pretty neat, too.

Loosen that noosen!

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