A whole lotta crap at the state surplus warehouse.

Believe me, I have seen worse there. Once, they had a bucket of used soap…which I am certain was soap dropped on the shower floor at our lovely prisons. eeeew.

I can’t rag on the State of Texas Surplus Warehouse too much. After all, that’s where I got my neat maize All-Steel desk and credenza. Many coworkers covet my sturdy steel stuff. They can’t have it. Mine.

Still, the place has a hell-hole quality to it that is unequaled in the army surplus stores. BEHOLD THE BEAUTY!

If you want $50 for it, please remove those obsessive clementine stickers from it.
You know you want it: Smelly couch!
I’ll pay you $60 if you let me burn it on the used cop car out front!
The chair cried out, “Save me!” I let it rot with the rest of the lot.
You just had to be there: If you try to separate those binders, you will find they are stuck together. One has melted into the other in a sticky-gross manner.
Diskettes. Really. I’m not a huge fan of throwing useless shit away…wait. Yes I am.
For a mere $5, you can buy a super-nasty mouse next to one that was buried with a zombie!
NO comment.

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