It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Claudette (AKA Icky Baby Doll) and I went to the neighborhood pool and park this evening. The husband refused to allow me to bring her to the pool with us yesterday. Because he is a mean jerk whose sole concern is the psyche of our wussy four-year-old real child who doesn’t like “Scary Baby.”

Anyhow, we were having a good time. Then she freaking slipped off a toy and fell. I thought she was a dead! Then I realized she was never alive, so it’s all good.

Claudette’s first time swimming!
Enjoying the other kids playing in the pool.

I turned around for like one second, and look what she does!

Her head’s stuck in the bars.
This was just plain naughty.

I took her to the park when after it was clear that she just wanted to escape the pool area and murder someone.

Wee down the slide!
Babies love to swing.
Maybe she’s not old enough for the rocking fire engine.

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