Crazy haunted clouds!

It’s raining cats and dogs here in Austin, Texas. In July. No, this is not normal.

But, I’m at peace with the abnormal. (Except when I was reading a story about creepy graveyard ghosts of Texas yesterday and recalled that there might be a picture of me lying on a grave…and I’m wearing fangs, a red corset, and a tutu. Sounds stupid until you see the horrifying look on my face. I mean, even I get scared that I can look that…unsettling. *sigh* I am not such a good model. Photographers get like 3 decent pics of me not looking insane/double-chin/angry over nothing/picking nose on purpose because I photobomb my own photos.)

That was a lot of unnecessary information!

So, these clouds outside were bugging the shit out of me. They were swirling around all freaky-deaky. Then–great googly moogly–I looked at the pics tonight. Sure, they are the same shitastic quality as usual. But, oooooo. Those creepy ass clouds were otherworldy.

Beluga Whale Bites Black Dragon! (Now, THAT’S a headline, people.)
Thor, God of Thunder, has become a real crab-ass lately.
Rawr! Balrog comin’ to get ya!

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