I had an Anna Nicole Smith moment.

Before I left for Mexia, Texas today, the husband made sure I had my marching orders. “Bring back some of that chicken!” Of course I did, as I am a big fan of fried chicken.

Check out the sweet deal on a 10 piece (which includes 10 yeast rolls):

I bought the 8 piece deal. I just couldn’t see eating a ten piece, which is a bird and a half! One bird is more than enough. I planned to make it to Austin with the box taped up, but I went absolutely mad in my rental car with the smell of that happy chicken. I lasted about 25 miles before I went full Cookie Monster. The incident started with a yeast roll:


I will spare you a picture of me slobbering all over chicken bones at a gas station. *gross*

What was so Anna Nicole Smith about this moment? First, if you ever watched her reality show, you would know that Ms. Smith had an affinity for eating in the car. My favorite line of hers was, “I wanna pickle. Get me a pickle.” She would whine it like a pouty child. Damn right she got her pickle! Second, before she was famous, she worked at Jim’s Krispy Chicken.

Oh, that chicken is some good stuff. Not too much breading, not too salty…not even soggy after 3 hours riding in a car! And the yeast rolls are mouth-watering. Especially when they have absorbed some fried chicken oil.

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