Kitsch Korner has a New Gal in Town

I rescued this gorgeous gal from a vintage store on 53rd Street here in Austin. A fluffy feather hat, dangling earrings…how could I leave her sitting there with other (less dazzling) ceramic cats? Other cats were sparkly or posed provocatively. Sassy Cat is REGAL.

Another thing going for Sassy Cat: Her left paw is lifted up, just like my collection of lucky cats.

I have a ‘stupid shit’ budget every month. Believe me, if I didn’t budget, I would be the proud owner of the back half of a stuffed lion. Anyhow, my ‘stupid shit’ budget is (should be unless grave circumstances occur) spent. I also bought vintage silk scarves and an outfit for Claudette, my Icky Baby Doll–another stupid shit purchase!

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