Italian Cypress Trees: Proceed with Caution

I’ve had issues with Italian cypress trees ever since I went to Balmorreah State Park in west Texas about 5 years ago. The park had these giant, scary trees looming over the pond. End of story, I can’t handle the sight of them.

Anyhow! I see neighbors plant them waaaay too close to their homes. I live in a 10 year old (more or less) neighborhood. I don’t think these folks have a clue how damn big the trees get. Now, the pictures I took are in El Paso, which has significantly less rain than Austin. I’m scared about what the future holds. What if the trees fluff out early? eeep!

I guess… The house is on a mountain side, so I will allow it. I don’t know if anyone is even in this house. One of the windows has been busted out for a while, and my telephoto lens captured a ladder—that never seems to move.

Aw. Look at the baby cypress. Aren’t they cute?
Possible violation for El Paso Electric. No further comment.

Gosh. Is this tree too big for the space?
Om nom nom! (Tree monster eating your house.)
Nothing says “Come on in, y’all” like two imposing, sharp-needled trees.

4 thoughts on “Italian Cypress Trees: Proceed with Caution

      1. They can be a nice addition to a landscape when used judiciously. It’s just that people don’t seem to understand just how big these trees get!


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