Hiking at Sweetwater Creek (Atlanta)

I spent a weekend in Atlanta recently. Sunday morning was filled with a hike a little east of town. The trail to the abandoned factory is well-traversed. There are some hiking websites that rate it as ‘easy.’ For hiking, I agree with that assessment.

Now, you are taking advice from someone who climbed up the Franklin Mountains in El Paso. That was a ‘difficult’ hike as there was no trail up the mountainside, the terrain is treacherous…and there are cougars–not the Demi Moore kind. The real big bitey cat kind.

The biggest threat I came across on my Atlanta hike was a water moccasin. I was fiddling around on a side stream, and it stuck its head out from underneath a rock ledge. I think it sassed me! Ssssss…I got out of its territory. No reason to start a fight with the little guy.

Abandoned factory.

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