Solaro Winery (Dripping Springs, Texas)

I took a Sunday drive with the family out to a couple of wineries on my way to a fitting for a line of shirts for busty gals.

This was my first time to visit Solaro. Considering its proximity to Austin, I recommend a stop at this winery if you are following the central Texas wine trail. What’s nice is that there are now several wineries that are not so far out as Stonewall or Fredricksburg.

The wines seem to have legs and run races around the country.

And while I am at it, here’s the line of shirts that I am a fitting model for:

I’m the 12 Extra Full. I have the prototype in my size, and it’s a great fit. It’s the only business shirt I own that isn’t baggy in the waist or popping open at the bust. I have a couple of male co-workers (friends) who never tell me when that happens. And I quote, “Why would I, Ann?” I respect that level of honesty.

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