Davidson County Courthouse (Nashville, TN)

Loved it. Absolutely loved it. Sadly, I went on a Sunday and couldn’t visit the inside of the courthouse. Nevertheless, this has to be one of the best exteriors I have come across. With a mixture of period carving up to modern infinity reflecting pools, this courthouse is an active piece of art. Enjoy!

I didn't like this shot, but my husband thought it looked like the biker was riding on water.
Lady Justice looks awfully 'stabby' today. I've had those days in court, too. Although, I usually don't beckon a victim with my sinister hand.
Says Lady Loyalty to Mr. Courage, "I saw you lookin' at my boobs, so I stole a star to shine in your face. Be more respectful in the future."
Why are serpents evil in some stories and not in others? Hmm. Sometimes, people get bit by snakies. Baad snakies. Other times, snakies eat rodents feasting on our crops and yield. Good snakies.
Bubo has found a home in Nashville.

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