Beautiful Hixon,Tennessee

I stayed in Hixon (just a bit outside of Chatanooga) on Saturday night in a neighborhood up on a mountainside. It was so quiet that it was a bit eery for me. Even though I live in the outskirts of Austin, there’s some background noise from IH 35 and various neighbors. Nothing like that out in Hixon! The person I was staying with warned that Great Horned Owls sometimes hoot at night, but I guess they took a vacation. Or, I was so tired I passed out.

On to the flowers: The dogwoods were in full bloom, as were lilacs and other small flowers.

The neighborhood sits across from a nuclear power plant, which I would never have noticed if I had not been told. I’m just going to let the pictures speak for themselves this time. This is my visual task of ‘show not tell.’ Fewer words, more pics!

Bug on a flower.
Eeew! Bugs!!!
Among all the new construction, I found this gem sitting at the bottom of a developed property. I hope they keep it there--it's a piece of Hixon's history.
Unknown yellow flower on the lake's edge
Nuclear power plant with 5 parallel 345 Kv transmission lines (or possibly 230 Kv)

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