I visited Spamtown, USA. My photography is not at its best, but the subject is not easy to make attractive. The low-sodium, lower-fat single serve pouch was good on a salad. After I pan seared it like a real chef! Really, the texture is abominable unless you do that. I drizzled my salad with Stillwater Company Blood Orange olive oil and rice vinegar. I’m fussy like that. I won’t eat processed canned meat without other high quality ingredients.

FYI- Austin, Minnesota (Spamtowm) smells like a bag of pork rinds, or chicharrones as we call them down here in Austin, Texas. I just felt like adding that detail. It’s important to know before you go!

You can’t blame my kid for the look of…horror? Confusion? There were like a million cans of SPAM up there. No adequate explanation provided.

I just hope my coworkers appreciate the Spam postcards I sent them.

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